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About The Nordic Future Learning Lab

Since 2009: The Future Learning Lab is a project platform and virtual research center with a project incubator in Southern Norway and a Nordic network extending to all Nordic and Baltic countries. Established in 2009, our local collaboration network includes our home institution – University of Agder and a range of entrepreneurial companies in the areas of education technology, design, learning applications and services within the public and private sector. The Future Learning Lab engages researchers and developers in projects. The Nordic Network runs an annual conference as well as a string of workshops every year.

Our mission: New ways and means of learning are emerging as a consequence of media developments; how does academia and society understand and meet that challenge? Contemporary knowledge society requires cross-cutting research collaboration. Technology and natural sciences, the humanities and social sciences are grappling with many of the same problems. Industry and education are faced with some of the same challenges. An obvious solution is to seek out common arenas for discussion and innovation.

Project associate links & partners: Innoventus • Agdering • Topplederforum • Kristiansand Municipality • Strategic Business Insights • Noroff University College • Sørlandet Industrial Park • PUNKT • Norwegian School of Business BI • Campus Christiania • Akademiet • Abelia • NHO • Nordic Innovation Center • Denmark Educational University / Aarhus University • Stockholm School of Economics • Cicero Learning Center / University of Helsinki • University of Iceland • HStar / Stanford University • SCANCOR / Stanford University • UC Berkeley.

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